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ANZ 2020

04 September 2020

The ANZ Serverless Community Together Online!

Kia ora! G'day!

In 2020 we will be combining the ANZ serverless community events under the ServerlessDays ANZ banner!

We will have the best speakers from the Serverless community right around the world and we're planning tracks ranging from beginner to advanced level.

The best bits? It's free to attend, and you can attend from wherever you are! How great is that?!

Reserve your spot!

Tickets are now available so head on over and reserve your spot!

Share your stories!

A great event doesn't happen without great stories.

Our Call for Speakers is now open and we encourage everyone to submit their talk.

If you are a first time speaker, or just need help shaping a talk, please complete a CFP subimssion as best you can and indicate you would like help with your submission and we will reach out.

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