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Sydney, AU (21 May 2024)   Auckland, NZ (24 May 2024)  

One Day. One Track. One Community.

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

📣 Speakers

ServerlessDays ANZ 2024 will be coming to both Australia, and New Zealand for the first time!

Our landscape is changing faster than ever, with ever-more mainstream appeal and proven ability to deliver business value at every scale, from start-up to enterprise.

We're looking forward to bringing a platform to both Sydney and Auckland for local builders to share their experiences with the broader community!

Our Call for Papers is now open for 2024, closing March 31st! Submit your talks using our Sessionize links below:

📆 Agenda

We are busy developing the agenda for ServerlessDays ANZ. Check back soon!

🏪 Venue

ServerlessDays ANZ 2024 will be hosted in Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Venue location details will be announced soon.

🎉 Organisers

ServerlessDays ANZ couldn't happen without our awesome organisers and volunteers who have put in hundred of hours for free to ensure this conference remains affordable and accessible.

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