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Will Velida

Lead Software Engineer at Azenix

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Will is a Lead Software Engineer at Azenix, where he helps customers build reliable and resilient applications using Microsoft Azure, and loves using serverless and container technologies.

Will has extensive experience in software development, building solutions in the financial, health and agricultural industries. Will has also been a Microsoft MVP and part of the Fast Track for Azure team during his time at Microsoft.

Will regularly speaks at conferences, user groups and developer events around the world. When he is away from his keyboard, you'll find him hiking around the countryside

Building Serverless Applications with Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Apps is a serverless platform that enables developers to run their containerized workloads. Container Apps are ideal for developers who want to run their applications as if they were running them on Kubernetes, but don't want to manage the operations of the cluster. This simplifies the process of developing and deploying our containers to Azure.

In this session, we'll cover the key components of Azure Container Apps and compare Container Apps to existing container platforms on Azure. We'll then go over how to deploy an Azure Container Apps environment and how we can deploy and update our containers to Container Apps, monitor the health of our containers, handle logging and how we can secure our Container Apps.

By the end of this session, you'll learn how you can develop your container workloads on Azure Container Apps without having to deal the complexities of Kubernetes.

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