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Tyler McMullen

Co-Founder and CTO at Fastly

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As a co-founder of Fastly, Tyler McMullen leads a team of experienced technology innovators focused on internet scale, and working on future-facing ambitious projects and standards. Tyler built the first versions of Fastly’s Instant Purging system, API, and Real-time Analytics as part of the founding team. Prior to joining Fastly, Tyler worked on large-scale web applications, text analysis, and performance.

Making Your Serverless Fast and Resilient with Wasm

Getting started with serverless is easy, but mastering it is not. As the workload with serverless increases, aspects that were not a problem in the initial stages start to emerge as challenges. These include issues like burst traffic and cold/warm starts, development productivity, and operational speed etc. What if there was a solution that could overcome these issues in a cost-effective way? In this session, we’ll explore how edge computing with Wasm works as well as how you can build resilient infrastructure using Fastly Compute powered by Wasm. We’ll also shed light on success stories from our customers. Come learn how Fastly Compute can be instrumental in reaching your infrastructure management goals.

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