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Susan Brander

CTO Tech Diversity Lab

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Susan is currently the cofounding CTO at Tech Diversity Lab, a start up passionate about bringing greater diversity, belonging and inclusion into the Software Industry.

She has a history of leading teams that delivers a cloud native platforms that balances the need to experiment and learn in an emerging market with reliability expected of customer focused systems.

She is also co-organiser of Tech Leading Ladies in Melbourne, a group focused on bridging the gender gap in technical leadership.

Idea to MVP to Product: A StartUp Journey

Got an Idea? Can code? You too can be a startup founder!

In this talk Susan shares how Kaleida got its MVP to market quickly using SST.

With limited time, and even less budget, startup founders need to validate their ideas with real customers, without sinking months into prototyping.

We'll cover the choices, trade offs and lessons learned along the way to help us get to market with something that could be built upon, not thrown away.

Take away from this session the belief that you can get an idea in front of customers without lengthy expensive builds and high running costs, as well as actionable first steps to get you started.

Keep it simple, be pragmatic, and change the world.

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