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Matthew Gillard

Principal Consultant, Cevo


In recent years through many Cloud migration projects, matt has been an advocate of the Cloud operating model and DevOps practices as a means of providing accelerated business outcomes. His passion however, is helping developers understand new ways of working with Serverless and other platform abstractions that increase their delivery velocity.

Move fast and deploy things with SST!

One of the hardest things about getting started with Serverless is deciding how to deploy your infrastructure and code. AWS SAM, Serverless framework, CDK, terraform or even plain CloudFormation - which to choose!

This session makes the case that you should use the Serverless Stack - or more commonly known as SST for your Serverless development. After a short intro on how SST makes your Serverless deployments easier by taking care of all the Infrastructure components, we will cover some advanced topics like authentication, how to use non AWS resources like Databases and how to live debug your lambda functions!

After attending this talk you should have a good understanding of the value proposition of SST including some more advanced features that make it easier for you to start building Serverlessly in no time!

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