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Heitor Lessa

Principal Architect, Amazon Web Services

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Heitor Lessa is a Principal Architect at the Powertools for AWS team. He created the AWS Well-Architected Serverless Lens (2017) and Powertools for AWS Lambda (2020) to help customers learn and implement best practices. He spent the last decade at AWS helping customers' engineering teams on digital transformation, engineering processes, migrations, and community building.

Let Them Retry: Idempotency for the Rest of Us

We often hear that we should design our systems to handle duplicate transactions. Idempotency is what you will hear in these system design discussions. However, legacy systems may not have the luxury of allowing such change, begging the question...

How can you make an existing system idempotent when you can't change it?

Through live coding, we will add idempotency to an existing system via Powertools for AWS Lambda SDK. We dive into failure modes, caching, payload tampering, order tolerance, cost, and when not to use it.

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