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Derek Bingham

Senior Developer Advocate at AWS

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A long time developer with a passion for building software, Derek now enjoys talking and writing about what he used to do for a living... for a living. Currently as a Developer Advocate at AWS, he enjoys helping and supporting various technical communities across Australia and New Zealand. He is excited to see how software development technology and practices are evolving and is happy to help mentor people who are navigating the ambiguities and complexities of a career in tech.

Let's think block by block - Real world serverless AI, in a virtual world

Not Chatbots again! Not today, thank you!

Imagine a world where AI does more than just chat—it thinks, solves, and acts. Enter the realm of Minecraft, where virtual landscapes become the perfect proving ground for the next generation of autonomous agents.

This deep dive session takes you on an adventure beyond the ordinary, showcasing how we've engineered an AI entity capable of reasoning, problem-solving, and executing tasks in Minecraft. Leveraging the power of Amazon's Bedrock, Lambda, SNS, and a suite of AWS serverless technologies, paired with the latest Claude 3 model from Anthropic, we reveal the full potential of AI beyond the confines of chatbots.

Discover how these serverless solutions empower our AI to interact with, adapt to, and transform its environment in real-time, providing a glimpse into the future of autonomous agents in both virtual and real-world applications. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of serverless AI architecture, demonstrating its practical implications, block by block.

Co-presented with Mike Chambers

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