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Chris Simon

Startup CTO Coach

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Chris is the technical co-founder of https://www.inloop.com.au, home of Australian Fintech success stories https://www.flexischools.com.au and https://www.lanternpay.com (Recently acquired by NAB).]

Since 2021 he has been coaching startup CTOs through Dev Cycles Technology Advisory (https://devcycles.io/page/consulting/) as well as supporting executives & boards with strategic technology advice, and engineering teams with training & mentoring and consulting.

To support teams practicing Domain Driven Design, he recently launched an open-source IDE extension called Contextive (https://contextive.tech) to help with common communication challenges between developers and the broader organisation.

Domain Driven Design and Serverless: A Winning Combination

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is all about aligning software design with the business domain, helping developers build systems that accurately reflect real-world processes and requirements.

In this talk, we'll explore how to apply DDD patterns in a serverless context. Specifically, we'll look at mapping bounded contexts to serverless components, managing long running processes (aka sagas) and using serverless messaging capabilities for practical event-driven architecture, including a comparison between event streaming vs message queues for DDD-style business events.

Whether you're an experienced DDD practitioner or new to the concept, you'll walk away with valuable insights and strategies for building better software using these complementary approaches.

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