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Brad Jacques

Principal Engiener @ Mantel Group


Brad is a Principal Engineer at Mantel group with over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing, and delivering solutions for global clients in the investment banking industry. He is an advocate for clean code, clean architecture, and simplicity. Brad has excelled at breaking away from legacy software development practices by building small, focused, and high-performing teams.

Delivering at pace while evolving a Serverless architecture

A real client case study in how to deliver a project with fixed cost, scope, and deadline. Demonstrating:

  • event driven architecture using AWS Lambda
  • how to iterate and evolve a serverless architecture
  • performance tuning and scaling a serverless solution
  • observeability of a serverless solution
  • dealing with ambiguity
  • deliver with a small highly focused team across UX, Data, API
  • build and maintaining working software from the start of the project (walking skeleton)
  • continuous feedback, using empirical data from running your software to guide where to spike next and evolve
  • examples of being pragmatic, doing the simplest thing, to reduce delivery risk
  • shift left and address security and production operation concerns early in the build
  • integration with Snowflake
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