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Birger Halfmeier

Senior Cloud Architect, DoiT International


While Birger may not dispute the rumours that his bios are penned by large language models prompted to maximise likability, there's no denying his ability to excite audiences with his infectious enthusiasm and disarming wit.

Birger is your go-to partner for dissecting the hottest cloud trends over a post-work beverage, all while challenging the status quo with a twinkle in his eye that hints at his slightly mischievous personality.

His 20-year odyssey as a software developer and data engineer has launched him to the forefront of cloud computing. Here, his twin passions for innovation and cost-effectiveness collide, igniting a fire that fuels his mission to empower businesses to achieve serverless nirvana.

Birger's extensive experience guiding cloud-native businesses across the globe has equipped him with a unique perspective, one that's equal parts insightful and quirky.

His unwavering love for technology is only eclipsed by his infectious passion for knowledge sharing, a quality that ensures his audience is not only informed, but captivated by every word.

Shift-Left Frugality: A smarter approach to Cloud Spending

This talk aims to inspire a paradigm shift, equipping engineers with the tools and mindset to unlock the full potential of frugality as a driver of innovation and sustainable growth.

"Shift-Left Frugality" embeds cost-conscious principles into the core of the development process. By emphasising judicious spending from the outset, engineers become catalysts for innovation, scalability, and ultimately, business success.

The talk advocates for treating cloud costs not just as a constraint, but as a crucial observability metric. Doing so grants engineers real-time insights into their spending and empowers them to make data-driven decisions that are technologically sound, economically viable and aligned with strategic business objectives.

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