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Atilio Ranzuglia

Head of Data and AI, Palmerston North City Council


Atilio, a data subject matter expert, software engineer, and architect, is an innovative leader passionate about serverless solutions. With a focus on cloud computing, data architecture, and team leadership, Atilio's hands-on approach spans IoT, resilient cloud architecture, AI, and data engineering.

As a mentor and communicator, Atilio advocates for ambition-driven strategies and continuous improvements. His expertise in data technologies, integrations, and microservices aligns seamlessly with his role as a lecturer and frequent speaker at conferences and meetups. Attendees can expect a visionary perspective and real-world insights on serverless architectures, data engineering, and the intersection of technology and business.

Serverless without limits: exploration of serverless data products

At PNCC we are leading the charge on serverless revolution, where traditional data management meets cutting-edge innovation. From on-prem to completely serverless, creating data products with effective data sourcing, to seamless integrations, a serverless data lake and adopting a data mesh approach. Learn how PNCC is reshaping its data ecosystem, navigating the complexities of serverless architectures with its challenges and triumphs.

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