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Peter Sbarski

AWS Serverless Hero, Author of Serverless Architectures on AWS

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Peter Sbarski is the author of “Serverless Architectures on AWS” and an AWS Serverless Hero. Previously a VP of Education & Research at A Cloud Guru and the organizer of Serverlessconf, the world’s first conference dedicated entirely to serverless architectures and technologies. His work at A Cloud Guru allowed him to work with, talk and write about serverless architectures, cloud computing, and AWS.

Peter is always happy to discuss cloud computing and can be found at conferences and meetups throughout the year. He helps to organize the Serverless Meetup in Melbourne, and is always keen to share his experience working on interesting and innovative cloud projects.

Peter’s passions include serverless technologies, event-driven programming, back end architecture, and orchestration of systems. Peter holds a PhD in Computer Science from Monash University, Australia.

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