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Darshit Pandya

AWS community builder - Serverless & Principal Software Engineer @ Serko

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Darshit Pandya is a seasoned Principal Software Engineer at Serko, based in Auckland, New Zealand. With a strong technical background and a passion for solving complex problems, Darshit has a proven track record of delivering results in building large-scale, distributed cloud applications, event-driven architecture, and microservices. His extensive knowledge of programming languages and technology stacks, combined with a deep understanding of various business domains, makes him a confident and capable problem-solver. As a lifelong learner, Darshit is always seeking new experiences and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. His technical knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment to improvement giving him joy or learning and experiments with technology.

In addition to his role as a Principal Software Engineer, Darshit is also an AWS Community Builder for Serverless since 2021. With extensive experience in cloud migrations, he advocates for the Cloud operating model and DevOps practices to achieve accelerated business outcomes. He is passionate about educating developers on new serverless technologies and helping them increase their delivery velocity. Darshit's core expertise domains include Travel, Healthcare, Fintech, and Accounting. As a AWS community builder for Serverless Darshit is giving meetup, conference talks on serverless and helping New Zealand community to accelerate their jounry with serverless

Darshit is Co-Organiser of Auckland Serverless meetup, Auckland Serverless Days, ANZ serverless days

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